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After a few years of our product research and market analysis, we are proud to announce the establishment of DESP Shanghai in September 2008.  The entire management team consists of over 100 years of corporate knowledge and experience with Fortune 500 companies globally.  The success track records of the team members clearly show their abilities in the areas of Global Marketing and Strategic Planning in USA, Europe, Hong Kong and China.  DESP Shanghai is more than just a consulting company; our mission is to provide total solutions to our customers in order for them to successfully develop their business in different regions. To help us achieve these goals in China, we have set up 3 Business Units within DESP Shanghai:
1.Corporate Gifts, unique products of high quality.
2.Corporate Image System (CIS), corporate brand design and awareness.
3.Exhibitions, data collection and booth design/setup.
Corporate Gifts
As the Chinese economy continues to develop, many enterprises have realized the power and importance of a gift, a way of saying “Thank you” to their customers. However most of them have run out of ideas on how to express this to their important and valuable customers year after year.  What is difficult today is that most of your customers no longer have a need for the usual high priced items; your appreciation and acknowledgement of their contribution mean more to them than those material goods.  On the other hand, you do not want to just give them a plastic cup or a base-ball cap either.  DESP Shanghai is here to provide you with a total solution to your corporate needs.
The image of a company is one of the essential elements of its success.  The strength of DESP Shanghai is that we combine the knowledge and experience we have in the Western countries with the Eastern culture to provide our customers with a total solution for their needs to develop their business in different regions.  We can help our Western customers to develop their markets in Asia and our Asian customers in the Western countries.
Whether it is for a new product or an existing item, a new region or an established region, an exhibition is always the greatest opportunity to introduce and promote your company and your products.  The keys to a successful exhibition are:
•Relevant participation at the proper exhibition that fits with your product/markets.
•Location and design of your booth within the exhibit hall.
•Quantity and quality of visitors and potential customers.
As a newcomer to a different region or market, you could be confused with the local process.  DESP Shanghai is able to provide you with a total solution for your needs to achieve these goals of a successful exhibition.

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