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Products: SOL Solar Rechargeable LED Light

Article No.: HS1086
Article Name: "SOL" Solar Rechargeable LED Light
. environmental powered LED light.
. big Solar panel.
. auto on/off when up side down in dark/light.
. operated by rechargeable battery.
. Material: ABS Plastic
. Product Size: 110*110*95 mm
. Product Color: white, pink, yellow



Products: Mirage Digital Photo Globe with Voice Recorder

Article No.: R-CD522MEP
Article Name: "Mirage" Digital Photo Globe with Voice Recorder
. Product Size: 95*103 mm
. Material: Acrylic Plastic

Products: Universe Matal+Acrylic World Time Clock

Article No.: SR-CD702MAL
Article Name: "Universe" Matal+Acrylic World Time Clock
. acrylic cased LCD clock with stainless steel panel.
. easy turning 12 cities world time selector.
. 12/24 hour display format selectable.
. alarm with snooze function.
. operated by 1*AA battery.
. Product Size: 128*96 mm 170g(nw)
. Material: Metal Acrylic

Products: Velocity Personal Table Fan with Metal Base

Article No.: R-CD525MEP
Article Name: "Velocity" Personal Table Fan with Metal Base
. 2 speed table fan with chrome plated.
. soild metal base.
. USB connection cable included.
. Product Size: 128*96*141 mm 220g(nw)
. Material: ABS Plastic Aluminum

Products: Mood Light Radio

Article No.: R-CD414PRA
Article Name: "Mood Light Radio"
. thick ice cube acrylic case.
. AM/FM radio with motion activated on/off.
. selection switch to turn on radio/mood light.
. 7 relaxing colors mood light changing gradually.
. selectable 60mins. auto off timer.
. operated by 3*AA battery.
. Product Size: 117.5*117.5*60 mm
. Material: ABS Plastic


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