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Products: Handy Remote Control Mood Light Radio with Audio Speaker

Article No.: HR1050
Article Name: "Handy" Remote Control Mood Light Radio with Audio Speaker
. color changing and white LED light selectable.
. audio speaker for mp3 player or i-pod.
. audio connection cable and USB power connection cable included.
. operated by 3*AAA battery or USB.
. Product Size: 60*60*166 mm
. Material: Plastic
. Product Color: black and white



Products: Gypsy Decision Maker

Article No.: HGA5040
Article Name: "Gypsy" Decision Maker
. electronic decision maker.
. 6 LED blue light will spin around when pressing the centre button.
. also use as a paper weight.
. easily customize your decision on acrylic or paper inlay.
. operated by 4*AG10 battery.
. Product Material: Acrylic Metal
. Product Size: 80*25 mm
. Product Color: silver

Products: Tuning Scale FM Radio

Article No.: R-CD425PRA
Article Name: "Tuning Scale FM Radio"
. see through acrylic tuning case FM radio with LED light
. 7 relaxing colors soothing light changing gradually
. permanently turn on or auto-off selection
. operated by 3*AAA battery
. Product Size: 93.5*91.5*110 mm; 225g(nw)
. Material: ABS Plastic

Products: Pebble Acrylic Smooting Light USB Hub

Article No.: R-CD517PEP
Article Name: "Pebble" Acrylic Smooting Light USB Hub
. crystal clear acrylic case
. 7 relaxing colors changing light
. 3 port USB hub
. USB connection cable included
. Product Size: 60*30 mm; 64g(nw)
. Material: Acrylic Plastic

Products: UFO Hub Speaker

Article No.: HPC8115
Article Name: "UFO" Hub Speaker
. 3 ports USB 2.0 Hub
. with line in Audio speaker
. with 6 blue LEDs
. Product Material: Acrylic Plastic
. Product Size: 85*35 mm
. Product Color: white and black


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