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Products: Cristy Memoholder

Article No.: HDT6080A
Article Name: "Cristy" Memoholder
. memo, name card & clips holder in acrylic housing.
. Material: Acrylic Silicon rubber
. Product Size: 240*117*23 mm
. Product Color: Silicon rubber in Grey Black available

Products: Wood Calculator

Article No.: HC982
Article Name: "Wood Calculator"
. 10 digits calculator.
. dark wood panel.
. auto power off.
. operated by 1*LR44 battery.
. Product Size: 120*145*38 mm
. Material: Wood Plastic
. Product Color: dark brown silver

Products: Jingle Paper Clip Holder

Article No.: CS226
Article Name: "Jingle" Paper Clip Holder
. Product Size: 74*74*39 mm
. Material: Chrome plated zinc alloy metal
. Product Color: silver

Products: Magic Stapler

Article No.: HS1078
Article Name: "Magic Stapler"
. staples free.
. environmental friendly and safe to use.
. it work well with clipping 4 paper at one time.
. Product Material: ABS plastic
. Product Size: 80*35*55 mm
. Material: ABS Plastic
. Product Color: black, orange, blue

Products: Sticky square mobile

Article No.: CL286
Article Name: "Sticky" square mobile
. Product Size: 60*96 mm
. Material: PU Silicon Metal
. Product Color: red, orange, black


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